4 Seasonal Skin Care Tips

4 Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Like the seasons change, so too must our skincare products. After a summer of sun without exfoliants, our skin needs a little extra love as we move from warm to cool to cold weather. In the cooler months in particular, the drier air makes our skin much more sensitive. It’s thirsty for moisture, even if you have oily or combination skin.

Not to worry though as these 4 crucial tips will help you balance out your skin, slough off the old, and get glowing for the holiday season!

1. Exfoliate daily
Every day, you should be exfoliating your skin. Depending on which product line you’re using from Clean Beauty by AnaK, you will want to remove that dead skin cell buildup and help your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. It also paves the way for your skin to soak up serums and moisturizers that bring it to a healthier state to fade away spots, acne, and scars while balancing oily and dry skin types.

2. Boost your skin with serums
Serums work for your skin just like weights do at the gym. They help strengthen plus they repair underlying damage like hyperpigmentation, lines, superficial wrinkles, acne, and scars. In winter, serums are even more important because they safeguard skin from free radicals which tend to be more plentiful in colder air. Serums that contain peptides, EGFs, and hyaluronic acid can really fuel skin with just what it needs to stay healthy and vibrant in colder weather.

3. Step up your moisturizer game
The cooler months of the year require a moisturizer that’s made for winter wear. Even if you live in a warmer place like Florida, moisturizer is a crucial step that locks in your serum. It also blocks the path for pesky free radicals so they can’t penetrate deep down and undo all the good you’re trying to do for your skin.

4. Never skip SPF
It might sound counterintuitive to wear SPF in winter. However, even with snow on the ground and a gloomy, overcast sky, you need SPF protection now more than ever. Snow reflects UV rays and even dark clouds can’t stop those harmful rays from damaging your skin.

SPF is something you need year-round. If you were to put a penny away a day for one full year, it all adds up. While money is a great thing, UV damage to unprotected skin works the same way. Only you’re not earning more money…you’re gaining more damaged skin cells.

Those UVA rays account for roughly 95% of the radiation that reaches the earth’s surface and can cause sunspots, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. Then there are those UVB rays that impact the top layer of your skin, causing skin cancer and sunburns.

Be vigilant about your skin’s winter health, especially when it comes to cold weather, sun, and wind. Just because you can’t see or feel the sun on your skin doesn’t mean it’s not busy inflicting untold damages. Reapply your winter sunscreen liberally and regularly to look flawless year-round.

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