Dating With Acne Scars

Dating can be tough, but when you add acne and blemishes to the mix, then it can seem almost impossible to overlook. I remember when I was dating and my acne was absolutely terrible. I would wake up before my boyfriend just so I can add makeup to my face, I would also sleep in my makeup because I feared him seeing me without it. But little did I know that I was doing more harm to my face. You see, sleeping in makeup comes with its consequences.  For starters, you’ll breakout. Makeup that stays on the skin clogs the pores and can lead to chronic inflammation in the form of pimples. Secondly, your complexion will appear dull. “Oils and dead skin cells on the outermost layers of the skin are matted up against the pillow all night, and natural turnover of this dull epidermal layer is diminished,” says Dr. Chiu, a celebrity dermatologist.

Additionally, you can make your acne worse and put yourself at risk for an infection if you’re someone who suffers from acne and wish to keep it hidden while dating. It’s important to note that who you are on the inside is what matters the most. This goes for both someone who is dating another person with acne scars, and someone who is wondering if they will find love if they have a face full of acne. We asked some customers to weigh in on the subject to give us their take on dating a woman with acne.

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Anthony G. says, “Yes, I would date someone with acne because you don’t date a face, even just a body, you date a person. People extend far beyond their physical characteristics.”

Patrick K. says, “Absolutely. Real people don’t have smooth skin. We have pores, scars, pimples, dimples, stretch marks, freckles, moles…the list goes on. Dating is more about how much fun you can have with the other person. It’s about trust and shared experiences.”

So, what happens when you begin to move past that phase? How can you begin your treatment of acne? There is an abundance of skincare lines and products all promising the same thing – to help you get those results you want. Here at Clean Beauty, our mission is to not only help you get those results but also help you every step of the way. You see, our line is comprised of products that work well together, we have something for every step of the skincare process.

Having acne is not your fault – whether you’re an adult or an adolescent. But what you can control is how you treat your acne and what products you choose to invest in. Some products are worth the price point because you can find quality in every tube. It would be in your best interest to find a company that cares. Clean Beauty by AnaK has options available to its customers 24/7; whether that’s making sure you never run out of your purchase again or speaking to a skincare expert to help guide you in making the best decisions for your skin.

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Something else to consider is skin acne – maybe you have back acne or spots on your chest and find it hard to discuss this with a potential girlfriend or boyfriend, we can help. First, confidence is key and knowing that you are being proactive in your attempt to clear up your acne is a good first start. Anyone who can’t see past these minor imperfections is not the right person for you. So when should you share that you have back or chest acne? That is completely up to you. Your acne is not a detriment to the person you’re dating. But a fun way to bring it up is to mention your skincare routine in jester. Maybe you use a lot of products, or maybe you use fewer products than your person of interest. It’s a good way to break the ice and mention what products you’re using and what purpose they serve. More often than not this is a good way to ease into such conversations because you’re not making things awkward. You’re simply sharing your experiences to help that person get to know you better, and that is the ultimate goal, right?

Your skin is your best friend, take care of it, and don’t be afraid to date if you have acne. Be confident and let us help you take care of your skin, because you deserve it.

Written by Stephanie M.
Photo by Kindel Media

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