Spa Like Bathrooms on a Budget: Get That Clean Beauty Feeling Everywhere You Go!

There’s nothing that compares to coming home to relax after a long day of running around – especially when your relaxation routine involves soaking in your tub with a nice drink, some candles, and a spa-inspired album playing softly in the background.

Whether you’re hoping to turn your bathroom into your little oasis or just want to make it more welcoming, take a look at these seven ways to rethink your bathroom and turn it into the ultimate home spa experience.

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Wondering how to achieve that level of relaxation – even in a small or uninspired bathroom? The key is knowing exactly what you need to add or remove to achieve that coveted spa-like atmosphere. Bathrooms, especially small and modest-sized ones, can get cluttered with everyday products. If your bathroom is drowning in makeup, toiletries, and hair products, reduce the clutter by removing items you don’t use daily and storing them out of sight. Keeping your bathroom essentials at hand and everything else neatly tucked away will help maintain a relaxing atmosphere.

Spa bathrooms are clutter-free and lend themselves to those who love a minimalist approach to interiors. If you have trouble finding a place to store all of your bathroom necessities, get creative by adding storage. Think of how a spa would organize and display toiletries. Look for containers with a clean and simple design, and opt for materials such as glass, wood, or stone.

Try using clear glass jars to store cotton balls on the countertop, add a wicker basket to display hand towels on the floor next to the bath, or place a tray on top of the toilet for holding hand soap, lotions, and other products. Install a few tiers of open-shelving on your walls, add a few baskets for towels, fancy soaps, and a decorative accent or two, and voila! Instant spa retreat.


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Set the tone for your at-home spa by choosing neutral colors such as white, beige, grey, or blue to create a soothing and welcoming environment. Bold accents and colorful shower curtains will take away from the calming spa-like atmosphere you are trying to create. Consider layering various shades of the same tone throughout the room to give a cohesive look to the space. Creating the ultimate spa bathroom is all about using key design details that add that luxurious look and choosing ‘spa’ type materials like wood, stone, bamboo, and marble.

Pamper yourself by upgrading your shower with a massage showerhead. For those who don’t have a large soaking tub, a luxurious shower head that has multiple settings and a simple design is a must-have. Whether you prefer a waterfall shower, high pressure, or a handheld showerhead, choosing a unique shower head that suits your style will instantly update your bathroom.

Most spas typically have an inherently earthy natural feel and indoor plants are an easy and effective way to turn your bathroom into a more comfortable and tranquil setting. Try filling a vase with fresh flowers, or setting potted plants around the bathroom to embrace natural elements. A hanging plant near a window can elevate the space but if you don’t have a window in your bathroom you could opt for a spider plant or a Boston fern (both of which thrive in low light settings). Choose a variety that lasts for a while and will add a fresh scent, such as minty eucalyptus. When toiletries are corralled and fresh greenery is displayed, suddenly, even a small bathroom starts to feel like a sanctuary.

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Indulge yourself in comfy, luxurious towels by tossing out your old bath mats and towels and upgrading to new, fresh ones. While fabric bath mats tend to get damp and moldy, a slatted wooden mat feels fresh and makes the space more zen. Want to take your home spa to the next level? Purchase a towel warmer for your bathroom so you can enjoy warm, heated towels right at home.

Spas stimulate all the senses – after a long day of work, we all dream about sinking into a hot bath to soothe away our stress. Aromatherapy adds the final touch to your home spa experience by evoking emotions, boosting relaxation, and relieving stress. Essential oils, scented soap, and lotions, along with scented candles are the easiest ways to set the mood when creating a bathroom spa. Consider scents like lavender, jasmine, vanilla, or eucalyptus for a calming effect and relaxing atmosphere. Our Revitalize Lavender & Sage Sea Salt Body Scrub will calm all your senses, leaving your skin feeling soothingly fresh. Don’t forget to add high-quality skin products into your oasis, after all that is what sets a spa apart from the rest.

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