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"At Clean Beauty by AnaK clients can expect to see a new blog each week detailing information to help them make better choices in choosing their skincare products. Anakarina tackles topics such as dating with acne scars, how to get rid of dry skin around the nose, does oily skin need to be moisturized, and much more. "

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"Anak Cosmetics is a skincare brand that's free of sulfates, parabens, carcinogens, DEA (the lathering agent diethanolamine), and more potentially harmful ingredients that was founded by the one-named Anak, a makeup artist and medical aesthetician. "

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"With Clean Beauty by AnaK skincare line, you can get a skincare routine, tailored to you! Not only can you get a virtual consultation but you can take a skincare quiz to learn more about your skincare needs."

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"The brand, owned by a Nicaraguan-born International Makeup Artist and Medical Aesthetician, uses top ingredients and science to get your skin where it needs to go."

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"It's the Revitalize Lavender and Sage Body Wash. And this is the Lavender and Sage Body Butter. And this would pass through TSA without any problem. It's a balm. The body wash is a gentle cleanser, and it leaves dry looking skin looking soft and healthy. It has essential oils... It's good for all skin types."

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That's Just Jeni - Clean Beauty by AnaK Product Review

"These skincare products are non-toxic and made for every type of skin. They use organic materials so your skin can shine & glow naturally. I have sensitive skin, and didn’t break out – and after just a week, I notice a difference!"

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"Clean Beauty by AnaK contains great ingredients and they carry many different formulas for every skin type. They even have a skin quiz you can take! I really like the powder exfoliant. I was having a hard time finding something that I could add to my cleanser that wasn’t too rough, and I finally found it!"


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"A next-generation treatment that erases the signs of skin ageing and imperfections on a cellular level. Prevents acne and builds collagen while it tightens, brightens and preps skin for enhanced product performance."

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"This skincare line was formulated to be completely clean and free of carcinogens, sulfates, parabens, DEAs and harmful chemicals that irritate the skin."

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"Combat congestive skin while managing excess oil with this sebum targeting clarifying treatment. Purifying Sulfur and soothing Calamine create an ideal balanced environment that blocks oil and impurities caused by a topical imbalance."

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"Get soft and glowing skin with the Revitalize Lavender & Sage Sea Salt Body Scrub from AnaK Cosmetics. This body scrub is made with natural and clean ingredients, joining the growing trend of vegan and organic products."

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"Looking for the perfect gift idea for the women in your life? This Holiday gift guide for her will help you find new gift ideas that any woman will love. This is truly a list with something for everyone, no matter what she likes."

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AnaK Soothing Facial Cleanser

"I like that is works for me and is also gentle enough for my teen. Gently remove impurities from delicate skin with this mild, creamy cleanser which helps to restore harmony and balance while providing a calming and cooling effect towards irritations."

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Encapsulated Retinol Serum

"This signature retinol serum is truly an imperfection skin eraser that repairs the skin, no matter the ailment, at a cellular level. It acts as a vehicle for a better performance of the products that one applies afterwards. It also aids in keeping acne from forming."

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"I love how the Revitalize Lavender & Sage Body Butter just soaks right into my skin and it smells wonderful. It is such a refreshing body butter to put on at night, drifting me right off to sleep."

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Encapsulated Retinol Serum

"Cariciline SB is a natural source of vitamin A. It improves hydration by 90 per cent within an hour of application. It also includes proprietary free radical scavengers and anti-irritants to deepen product penetration and efficacy."

Posh Beauty Blog

Posh Beauty Blog

"Revitalize Lavender & Sage Body Butter not only soothes skin, it also satiates the senses with its energizing, yet calming scent."

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"El punto diferenciador de los productos AnaK es su alta concentración de ingredientes ecológicos premium, cuidadosamente seleccionados para obtener los mejores resultados con pequeñas dosis, ya que al ser aplicados correctamente suelen durar más tiempo, maximizando así su inversión."


Reviving Daily Powder Exfoliant

"Their Reviving Daily Powder Exfoliant is our top recommendation. It’s gentle on the skin but super effective! The micronized adzuki rice and bamboo powder gently remove the dry, lifeless skin cells while colloidal oatmeal soothes the skin and makes it smooth and glowing."