Normal Skin Type Overview

Do you feel your skin is just “normal” but feels a bit thirsty in the winter, when showering with hot water, being too long in the pool or in an air-conditioned room?

Normal to dry skins have few to no blemishes and reflect an even tone and texture. Pores tend to be small and decongested with a natural equilibrium of sebum production. However, when exposed to extreme temperatures or the use of harsh chemicals it can become tight, itchy and even ashy.

Maintain the healthy and balanced glow of your skin by implementing a routine that will preserve its balance while providing moisture with formulations that will help stimulate circulation, remove minor impurities and correct fluctuations.

The Skin Devotion Collection

Our Skin Devotion Collection features products with potent anti-oxidants and fruit oils. Citrus-based Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Fruit Acid AHA, Green Tea Extract, stabilized Vitamin C, Vitamin C blends with nourishing Jojoba, Avocado, Chamomile, and Calendula that will leave your skin feeling refined, hydrated and refreshed.

Recommended Solutions

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