Our Father's Day Sale Is On!

Because dad deserves to be pampered too! Here are our experts' recommendations for dad's skin:

Our gentle exfoliant is perfect for all skin types, including dad's! The combined powers of adzuki bean, rice, bamboo and colloidal oatmeal gently and naturally remove dry and dehydrate skin cells on dad's skin, leaving it soft and healthy looking, all thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of our ingredients!

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Great for oily and combination skin, our sulphur and salicylic lotion will combat the accumulation of keratinized cells that can clog dad's pores and cause breakouts. This toner also regulares hyperactive sebaceous glands, delivering rejuvenation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Is dad too busy to take care of their skin? We've got their back! Great for mature skin, our Firming Face Wash delivers rich and nourishing ingredients that help restore natural skin moisture, often lost over time or as a result of improper care. This cleanser is packed with potent antioxidants and fruit oils!

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A little known fact: oily-prone skin also needs nurishment! That's why we devised our Botanical Hydra Gel, bursting with botanicals, multi-vitamin complex of A, B5, C and E. This moisturizer will do wonders to make dad's skin smooth and soft, resulting in a perfect matte finish, encouraging normal sebum production.

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To celebrate Father's Day, from June 1-20, everything is on sale!