Hydrate & Protect Your Skin

30% Off All Sunscreens

All mineral moisturizing SPFs are on sale

Hydrate & Protect Your Skin

30% Off All Sunscreens

AnaK's moisturizing formulas are packed with antioxidants and act as a 2-in-1 sunscreen & moisturizer combo. Protect your skin with the highest quality SPFs on the market today!

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Bye Bye Breakouts!

Say goodbye to the topical congestion that is often found in oily to combination skin. Our sulphur & salicylic lotion is a powerful astringent toner that combats the accumulation of keratinized cells that can clog pores causing outbreaks.

Cellular Renewal

Upgrade your facial beauty routine with a citrus-based Alpha Hydroxy Acid toner that gently clarifies by removing excess oils and devitalized skin cells, revealing a fresh and younger looking skin with every use.

Nourish & Exfoliate

Refine and clarify sensitive skin the gentle way with this uniquely formulated powder exfoliant (Adzuki Bean, Rice, Bamboo, Colloidal Oatmeal) that provides maximum results for those whose skin cannot tolerate intensive exfoliants.

Restore Radiance

Infused with potent antioxidants and fruit oils which add vital nourishment to environmentally stressed or dehydrated skin, our aromatic cleanser refreshes as it cleans, leaving skin feeling firmer and looking more vibrant.

Clean Beauty by AnaK - What is clean beauty?

What Is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty means making no compromise about the quality of ingredients. It means prioritizing health and using only natural ingredients in the making of all skincare and cosmetics products. Clean Beauty has a name... It's AnaK.

At Clean Beauty by AnaK, all of our products are completely non-toxic and free of carcinogens, sulfates, parabens and DEA's. They are also cruelty-free and organically harvested. We know that natural ingredients are better for the health of the skin and to help slow down the aging process. Clean Beauty is our promise to all our customers, our promise to you!

Who is AnaK?

Passionate about beauty and skincare since a young age, Anakarina Argüello, Medical Aesthetician, founded Clean Beauty by AnaK to provide safe, healthy, non-toxic, organic and natural products to people everywhere.

Before she launched her own skincare brand, Anakarina worked alongside cosmetic gurus from renowned beauty brands such as Estée Lauder, Chanel and Forever Living Products. She also worked an exclusive Beverly Hills spa and trained with Dr. Fulton, a pioneer medical researcher and dermatologist. Clean Beauty by AnaK is a culmination of decades of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, formulated to include the best components found in nature, and backed by rigorous research.

Anakarina Arguello

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Virtual Consultation with Anakarina Arguello

Virtual Skin Consultation

Unsure where to begin on your journey to clear, youthful skin? You can now receive expert guidance thanks to our all virtual skin consultation!

An online skincare analysis is an excellent way to meet and discuss any skin issues you might be experiencing with one of our experts in the safety and comfort of your home. We will discuss your skin concerns and explore best practices to aid you in achieving your perfect, glowing skin!

Ask AnaK & Win Prizes

Every month, Anakarina will select the best question submitted to her and will answer it on social media. The winner will receive a free Clean Beauty by AnaK skincare product.

Ask your pressing skincare questions and get answers from Medical Aesthetician and founder of Clean Beauty by AnaK, Anakarina Arguello. Our new giveaway contest is open to citizens of the world aged 18 and over.

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