Body Wellness Kit


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AnaK’s Body Wellness Kit brings together the best of clean beauty body items into one amazing bundle at a reduced price. This complete body kit will take you through a revitalizing journey starting with invigorating cleansing, followed by gentle scrubbing of dead skin cells, and ending with luxurious nourishment of your skin in the form of our body butter. A clean beauty trio made in heaven that will reveal youthful, heavenly skin!

Our Lavender & Sage Sea Salt Body Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes and softens the skin, revealing soft, youthful and glowing skin.

Our Lavender & Sage Body Wash (Travel Size) provides luxurious, gentle cleansing and leaves dry skin looking and feeling soft and healthy.

Our Lavender & Sage Body Butter (Travel Size) soothes the skin and satiates the senses with its energizing, yet calming scent.

Includes these products:

Best for: All skin types


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