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Discover AnaK’s Sensitive Skin Mini Collection. This 2-week introductory collection is ideal for sensitive skin and rosacea. This collection helps to ease itchiness, redness and irritation that sometimes arises as a result of allergies and irritants. It was made for all of us that cannot use products with fragrances and who need special care.

Our Soothing Facial Cleanser is a mild, creamy cleanser which helps to restore harmony and balance to the skin while providing a calming and cooling effect towards irritations.

Our Soothing Toner mitigates irritation, alleviates sensitivity and inflammation.

Our Soothing Moisturizer features several active components that help to protect and restore the equilibrium of the skin and provide an optimal barrier function.

Our Soothing Serum calms the skin and encourages healthy provides an intense barrier protection through the use of natural humectants, botanical skin conditioning and soothing marine derived algae.

Working together as a Mini Collection, these fragrance-free natural products produce will soothe your sensitive skin and restore balance.

Includes these products:

Best for: Sensitive Skin, Rosacea and Psoriasis


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