Hyaluronic Serum by Clean Beauty by AnaK

For skin that looks youthful and plump, Hyaluronic Serum comes to the rescue!

You know what they say…you are what you attract. Wouldn’t you like to attract more plumped up, smoothed, hydrated, and youthful skin? The answer lies in a wonderful natural ingredient called hyaluronic acid.

While the word “acid” might conjure up images of stinging and burning, this gentle and natural substance is produced in our own bodies. In our youthful days, it’s plentiful. However, once you hit your mid-20s, your hyaluronic acid levels in your body begin to deplete.

In skincare, the sooner you begin using it in your regimen, the better off you’ll be. Caring for your skin is not just about correcting problems. It’s also about preventing them too. Hyaluronic acid is skin-loving and every skin type improves when it’s used.

What Hyaluronic Acid Does to Improve Skin

Hyaluronic acid can take even the most parched skin and make it feel like it’s just had the most refreshing drink of its life. Skincare products infused with hyaluronic acid do so much good for your skin, day and night.

  • Firmer, more supple skin
    One fascinating fact about hyaluronic acid is that it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. When you use it on your skin, it draws moisture from the atmosphere and replenishes hydration deep down in your skin. You’ll notice plump and firm skin right away.
  • Smooths away lines and wrinkles
    With that plumping up, it helps fill in those pesky small lines and wrinkles. Skin looks smoother and feels softer too.
  • Restored skin barrier
    Your skin has a protective barrier to help keep it healthy. When that barrier is compromised, you wind up with skin issues. Hyaluronic acid keeps it pH balanced and hydrated so it can serve its purpose.
  • Healthier skin overall
    I love hyaluronic acid simple because it has properties that heal and repair, ideal for battling UV damage and boosting collagen production. No matter how young or old you are, hyaluronic acid is a wonderful ingredient to have in your skincare routine.

Choose Clean Beauty Hyaluronic Serum by AnaK

I’ve created my own Hyaluronic Serum with an extremely high concentration of hyaluronic acid. With high and low molecular weighted proteins, these penetrate your skin to address aging concerns where they begin, even if you can’t see them yet. Wrinkles form under the surface only coming out years later. Don’t let them catch you by surprise! Use science and nature to keep a hydrated and youthful appearance, even in dry weather conditions that leave skin looking thirsty.

As it’s produced biotechnologically from soy peptone, glucose, and yeast extract, it is a natural choice for skin. Along with Acqua-Biomin™ Copper Y3 to enhance elasticity and skin cell strength, this hyaluronic acid serum won’t let you down. Simply add 2 or 3 drops on your freshly-cleansed skin prior to using moisturizer, morning and night.

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