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How to Pack Skincare for Traveling?

Well, well, well. Summer is winding down but you can still pack those bags and go somewhere. Whether it’s the corner store, a new city or even another country… we always want to look our best. And what is the one thing more important than an outfit? Our skincare routine! Still, I’m not going to lie to you. Baggage restrictions do cut our dreams short at times. Or even worse, when that one expensive eye cream that you’ve splurged on has now fallen victim to a dramatic spill all over your bag. Years of messy traveling have taught me what works and what doesn’t. It is possible to travel light, with no random product splatters over our clothes, and still take care of our skin while in a new place- and without spending any crazy amount of money in doing so!

For when we want to avoid buying new small travel products, that are arguably too expensive most of the time, I use these tiny pod containers from Amazon.

Instead of lugging around those products you have stored in your medicine cabinet, opt for this more efficient and affordable solution. The pods are TSA-friendly and take up a fraction of the space when compared to standard-sized containers. It is easy to put my own products inside and then placing them into my bag with nothing to worry about. It’s essential, however, to put labels on the caps (I use these) in order to be able to know which product is which. We also can’t forget to be careful, and thus need to bring with us something to apply our creams and other products. I just use one of those tiny spoons we get when on an ice-cream or froyo run! Even when our fingers are clean, we should never be touching our products directly.

If I’m being very lazy and haven’t been responsible enough to pack my things on time, I end up buying online the mini-size versions of the same products that I use. Granted, it can be more money- but sometimes I simply need to save the time.

Skincare for travel can be quite tricky. There are so many products to choose from and so many different environments to pack for. It also doesn’t help that we are experiencing record-breaking heat waves across the country. Ok, so if it’s summer, where are we most likely to be going? The beach! And what is the most important routine for the beach? A proper sunscreen. And here are my two cents… if you’re going to pack anything at all for your trip, it has to be SPF. Sunscreen is the golden ticket to perfect skin. UV rays are extremely harmful in the summer (and even in the winter to be honest). SPF reduces the signs of aging, limits appearances of sunspots, protects the skin from sunburn, reduces your risk of skin cancer, and contributes to the overall youthfulness and health of your skin. So yes, let this be the one thing you pack first!

If you’ve entered our giveaway you’ll know about some of my favorites below:

  • Beauty Kitchen sunscreen SPF 30 Oxybenzone-free sunscreen. Protective, amazing, superstar ingredients. Just like silk. Can be used as a daily facial moisturizer.
  • Earth Baby’s SPF 30 Sunscreen is reef-friendly, uses non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for the best protection against UVA and UVB rays. Packed with German chamomile, mango, shea butter, Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body.
  • Rubber Ducky, the original water-resistant sunscreen, has been cruelty-free since 1984 and chemical-free since 2013. The sunscreen, which is formulated and made in the USA, is eight hours water-resistant—you can see the water bead up and not soak in.
  • The MDacne Oil-Free Sunscreen is SPF 30, specially formulated for acne-prone skin, oil-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores or trigger breakouts! This water-resistant, SPF 30 sunscreen has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to shield your skin from damaging rays. Absorbs quickly and layers wonderfully with other treatments and makeup.
  • Instantly Dry Sunscreen is a patented, universally mineral sunscreen. This unique formulation offers sheer, weightless protection while providing superb photo-protective performance.

Enter Now

If you’re a little more seasoned when it comes to skincare and are willing to dedicate a tad more of space in your luggage for your products, I would tackle the basics (on top of SPF, of course). These include cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Cleansers are the first step to any effective skincare routine. They wipe off all the dirt and debris that accumulates on your skin throughout the day and night, which is especially important for when you travel. You’re walking through airports, train stations, and ferry terminals- where you are exposing your skin to more toxins and bacteria than it is used to. It is highly important to address the foreign substances that we are not exposed to on a routine basis to prevent clogged pores and unwanted breakouts. These are the ones that I recommend Cleansed Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Anti-Aging Toner, Pure Collagen Moisturizer

After cleansing, it is important to tone. Toners address the environmental changes that happen while you are traveling. When these environmental changes occur our skin tends to react by producing an excess of oil. Regardless of the environment, we are in –whether a beach, a ski resort, a big city—our skin always ends up being oily. A toner can combat the excess oil… with oil. It sounds crazy, but trust me (and millions of dermatologists around the world), it works! So to have that clean appearance we all aim for, do not forget to bring a toner with you.

Finally, we move onto moisturizer. Moisturizers give your skin the nourishment it needs. Depending on your skin type, your moisturizer will vary. Still, it is not a secret that everyone needs it to be able to keep up a healthy glow. It is essential for helping your skin stay young!

When it comes to traveling, however, there is one thing that is arguably even more important than skincare—a sanitizer. The OneBody Hand Sanitizer from IN is a great choice, as it’s hand-friendly and triclosan-free. During and after pandemic times, sanitizing is a no-brainer. It is a quick way to eliminate any germs around you; from your hands, to the surfaces of the plane you are getting on.

Written by Thaiol M.
Photo by Maggie Zhan from Pexels

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