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What is an Esthetician?

What They Are

To put it simply, an esthetician helps your skin in a variety of ways. They offer a wide range of services from facials to hair removal, but their purpose remains the same, to take care of skin.

But an esthetician’s line of work does not stop with taking care of you but enabling you to take care of yourself as well. Estheticians do not stop with brightening or rejuvenating your skin but can also offer advice and routines to care for your skin at home.

What They Are Not

Estheticians are not cosmetologists. There is a marked difference between the two careers. While cosmetologists mainly focus on working with hair, like dying or cutting and so on, estheticians go beyond this. In addition, estheticians dive deeper in their knowledge of skin and the like as their work and knowledge are of an increased intensity compared with cosmetologists. Estheticians also hold a specific license unique to their line of work.

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What They Do outlines the many roles that estheticians can play in body health. To begin, their goal is the health and beauty of the skin. And there are many ways to achieve this, each catering to the specific needs of the client. Estheticians are health and wellness professionals who specialize in many different forms of skincare.

The main offerings include practices such as facials, makeup application, exfoliation, moisturizing, acne treatments, waxing, threading, scalp massages, and hair removal. In addition, estheticians can offer less-common treatments such as laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, aromatherapy, pore cleansing, or chemical peels. Each treatment aids in a different aspect of skincare and beauty. As well, estheticians offer treatment for certain skin ailments such as aging or skin exposure.

While these can get you started, it can also be the job of the esthetician to offer advice or procedures for your skincare routine to keep up with the work they started. This in turn enables the client to take charge of their journey to healthy and beautiful skin.

Where to Find Them

Most estheticians hold a license to practice their craft and offer their services. Given this, Bellus Academy gives a list of places you may find an esthetician, such as a spa, salon, or resort, different types of entertainment sets, as well as freelancing their work. In many of their frequent locations, estheticians act in a luxury or pampering capacity. These venues often offer body wraps or scrubs and the like in addition to makeup and cosmetics. In other instances, estheticians can work together with medical professionals at medical spas or offer aid in the entertainment workplace.

While the term esthetician may not be commonplace, odds are you have come across one on a trip to the spa or salon. Now that you are aware of the purpose of these skincare professionals, consider consulting one to find the best path to healthy and beautiful skin.

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Written by Sharayah Hooper

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