How to Store Skin Care Products

On those chaotic mornings, there’s no time to waste fishing through every cosmetic item in your daily skincare routine. If you’re a skincare addict like the rest of us, you have a different skincare remedy for every issue or future concern you may need.

Organizing your bounty of products makes this one priority in your life that much easier. When all of your skincare prep is strategically placed, blemishes are the last thing you have to worry about before you go to bed. The look and feel of being organized are so satisfying but how can we achieve it?

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Nora Mitchell, a household organization expert, and editor-in-chief of Household Advice has developed her system of organization to motivate her to stay on top of her skincare. “I always keep my basics on the bathroom counter using a small lazy Susan so I can rotate to the item I need instead of sifting through all my products. I keep my morning and night moisturizers there, my SPF, toner, makeup remover, hyaluronic acid, and evening face wash. Many of these containers are small, so they do not make my sink counter look too cluttered,” said Mitchell. The creams and serums she doesn’t necessarily use daily, Mitchell keeps tucked away in baskets underneath the sink.

“I have one basket for face masks, one for lip scrubs and eyebrow waxing kits, and one basket for serums and retinoids. Keeping them in their baskets allows me to check on my inventory easily and gives me more space under the sink for other items,” said the organization aficionado.

She empties her lazy Susan, baskets, and bins and dust, wipes and split products, and reorganizes her repertoire of makeup. “I also make sure to check the expiry dates and rotate accordingly depending on the product. Keeping my skincare products organized this way has helped me to stay on top of my routine and keeps my bathroom looking clean and decluttered.”

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Carolyn  Moore, the founder of Lion and Loki, a luxury skincare brand dedicated to fostering the support of women in empowering themselves and tapping into their inner confidence, goes to the container store for all of her organizational aids. “I buy my bins at the container store because they look beautiful and they are of great quality. I love that I can always find the exact type of container I am looking for. I recommend them for beautiful and efficient storage,” said Moore. An aesthetically pleasing display is all the more satisfying to arrange.

Arranging certain skincare products packed away in a cosmetic fridge is one way to help create a therapeutic effect, enhancing the full experience of the application. Out of direct sunlight, products retain their effectiveness and have less of a chance to run together. These cool creams limit blood vessels causing under-eye puffiness and dark circles to diminish.

Specific facial products are either required to be stored in a climate-controlled environment to keep intact and usable or have a longer-lasting effect, physically and mentally. Once opened, that tube of serum or jar of cream only stays fresh for but so long.

Often, the expiration date of a cosmetic is relatively soon after it is purchased. Storing makeup in a cosmetic fridge prolongs the shelf life of the product and reduces how frequently you have to restock this item.

If you don’t have a designated cosmetic fridge to store and organize products, you can also get away with keeping them in your actual fridge. Moore stores her skincare supplements in a Ziplock bag in her fridge. This makes it easier to see what and how much she has of each product.

Moore keeps her everyday items in their original glass containers to conduct her skincare regimen. “My current routine is cleansing, tone, and apply three to four drops of my signature serum Afterglow, which is a multi-purpose product. I then apply sunscreen if I am heading out. Keeping my products organized ensures I stay consistent in my routine,” said Moore. Visually seeing every label guarantees you don’t miss a step.

Cluttered or unorganized skincare products impact your capacity to self-motivate and overall mental health. As you organize your products, you can rest easy and fully give in to this self-care moment of your day. Bring back the beauty and self-indulgence in facial TLC by organizing the creams and retinoids that make it all happen.

Written by Lorraine J.
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

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