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When to Apply Retinol in Skin Care Routine

Like all the other serums, creams, and toners, retinol can be found amongst the many labels in the beauty aisle. Many beauty lovers and skincare addicts use retinol in their daily routines to achieve that perfect glowy look, but what is retinol? Is it this miracle vitamin it is thought to be?

Retinol or ‘the gold standard of skincare’ is a type of retinoid best known for its anti-aging remedies. “Retinol is a form of Vitamin A which is one of our body’s important nutrients for cell regeneration,” said David Elena, Owner of Wiringo

This beauty vitamin stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin thus reducing hyperpigmentation and fading age spots to improve color and brighten skin. It energizes collagen and elastin production allowing fine lines and wrinkles to soften and melt away into your skin. Retinol plumps skin to its original youthful form. This revolutionary product works to hide signs of everyone’s worst nightmare: aging. Retinol resurfaces healthy skin. Applying a topical retinol product also diminishes acne by reducing clog pores allowing for fewer breakouts.

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Women younger and younger, motivated by the tiny crows feet nestling into your skin and the early signs of sunspots, are flocking to this new advancement in beauty care. You should start applying retinol in your skincare routine at the first signs of aging, typically around the age of twenty-five. Around this time in your life, you begin to lose collagen in your skin. You should also consider using retinol as a supplement to your everyday beauty methods when other remedies have failed your oily or acne-prone skin.

When adding this multi-purpose beauty vitamin to your skincare routine make sure you read the label carefully because retinol comes in various concentrations depending on the specific needs you are using it for. A more mild version of the product is used for issues of wrinkles and aging skin as opposed to a higher concentration that would be used to treat acne-related skin issues.

Gradually start integrating this new technology into your skincare routine. During your nightly skincare routine, use a pearl-size dollop of a retinol product such as our Encapsulated Retinol Serum. Massage the topical on to clean dry skin every night before applying a moisturizer or face oil. Age can reveal itself in subtle ways so be free by applying this miracle drug to other parts of the body such as your neck and even cleavage. Slowly increase the amount and frequency the more you use this liquid gold. The balance of retinol use is vital when introducing it into your everyday maintenance. Overuse or misuse can irritate the skin.

Although retinol has become extremely commercialized, it is FDA approved and suggested by many dermatologists. “As a dermatologist, I recommend applying retinol three times a week, 30 minutes after washing your face. Stay out of harsh sunlight for 24 hours after applying retinol. The use of retinol may cause sunburn if exposed to strong sunlight for prolonged periods,” said Jane  Hennessy, dermatologist, and owner of Your skin is more susceptible to UV rays and direct sunlight after applying this topical which may decrease its efficacy. After upgrading your beauty regimen, don’t lounge at the beach all day, shelter your skin as the healing powers of this new beauty standard take effect.

This once unknown and prescription-only vitamin now is monopolizing the beauty section with almost every beauty brand carrying its retinol products. The price and variety of retinol products are limitless, making them available at any drugstore, department store, or directly through your dermatologist. Achieve that healthy glow with this highly praised and innovative new product.

Written by Lorraine J.
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

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