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Welcome back to our natural skincare blog! When it comes to skincare there are several factors to consider: chemistry, packaging, texture, and of course ingredients. If you’re going to do the work and succeed on your journey to having healthy skin you have to educate yourself on some things, prebiotics being one of them. So, what do we mean by prebiotic skincare? This is a type of organic skincare that utilizes prebiotics to feed and nourish healthy bacteria on the surface of the skin. Prebiotics as a whole restore the skin microbiome, which can often help to heal common skin conditions and revitalize the skin from the inside out.

Note: Probiotics are the good bacteria in and on the body that keep our bodies balanced and healthy. Having both prebiotics and probiotics are fundamental to being healthy and youthful, having both is essential.

What are some of the key benefits of applying prebiotics to the skin? Keeping the surface of the skin, as its first line of defense both balanced, younger-looking, and strong. Offset factors that lead to redness, dryness, and a weakened surface. Ward off signs of aging skin and restores a healthy balance of good bacteria.

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When determining which skincare products to use that support the use of prebiotics, it is good to look for skincare products with prebiotic plant sugars, such as xylitol, rhamnose, and a large group of ingredients known as fructooligosaccharides (particularly found in berries) See our blog on What is a Balanced Lifestyle and Why is it Important for good fruits to consume to help with anti-aging.

How does prebiotics work in skincare?

“On top of our skin’s physical barrier is a natural bacterium tier that assists and advances healthy skin function. Washing your face in excess, ruthless exfoliation, and even chemical peels can diminish our skin’s probiotic state, causing acne, extremely dry, flakey skin, and even rosacea, the development of inflammation, the number one factor of aging skin. Almost identical to how probiotics handle and deter stomach problems, topical versions are known to have calming effects by applying an outpouring of good bacteria to assist cells in thriving. When you have a happy skin barrier, it can manage your skin’s oil production, keeping it hydrated and protected from free radicals.” (

Are you wondering if probiotic and prebiotic skincare is right for you? Here are some benefits

  • Improved Elasticity
  • Reduces Appearance of Redness
  • Improves Moisturization
  • Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Reduces Appearance of Pore Size
  • Reduces Appearance of Roughness

Strengthening the surface of your skin against environmental impacts is rewarding in many ways. That could be damage from pollution in the air, sun damage, or wind damage, any of these environmental impacts can hurt your skin’s texture and clarity. Plus, your prebiotic and probiotic journey can help to improve your skin’s hydration and moisture barrier. Having stability with your microbiome through the use of this skincare also means your skin will retain moisture better than it normally would. The Botanical Hydra Gel remains one of our top sellers for those with a prebiotic skincare routine. With ingredients like Panthenol for a smooth appearance and green tea extract to help eliminate free radicals, this is one of the top moisturizers to try. Plus right now get 20% off our travel-sized items.

Lastly, “…with all the balancing probiotic skincare does for your skin, it only makes sense that probiotics also balance your pH levels. As your skin ages, its pH becomes higher and thus unbalanced. This also leaves the skin susceptible to lower collagen production, a loss of elasticity, and more damage. Probiotics help to lower your pH levels, leaving your skin stronger and leveled out. A level pH balance also helps the rest of your skincare products work better, which means more moisture from your moisturizing creams and better results from your skin serums and exfoliants!” (

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Written by Danielle Wright

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