What Does Toner Do

What Does Toner Do?

Do you still wonder what is the purpose of toner and how it can help your skin? Let us guide you! After cleansing, by using a toner you will be removing all the dirt and grime that still remained after you cleansed and exfoliated your skin. It also balances your skin back to its proper pH levels to keep your complexion even, leaving it prepped and ready for the next steps in your skincare routine.

Why You Need Toner
If you’ve never used toner before, you really should start now. It finalizes the cleansing step and fully readies our skin to soak up the wonderful benefits of hydrating serums, lotions and creams. Those moisturizers won’t work their best if you still have dead skin cells lingering on the surface, so sweep them away with toner and see how much better your skin looks!

It’s important to remember though that not all toners are created equally. With toners, you will want to avoid drying ingredients like alcohol. Cheap low grade alcohols in particular dry your skin out, leaving it like the hot Arizona desert. Meanwhile high-grade alcohols are there to preserve active ingredients and don’t dry out your skin.

To simplify that, just remember to look for ingredients that soothe in your toner, like willow bark, aloe vera, vitamins, chamomile, and rose water. When you choose toners from my line, Clean Beauty by AnaK, you’ll be getting the right ingredients for your skin to help it look its best for fully balanced and pure skin.

The Best Toner for You
Below, you can check out my lineup of skin-loving toners. But first, take my skincare quiz to help you find the right fit. Toning is a necessary step that will greatly improve the way your skin behaves. There are 5 great toners to choose from and one will be perfect for you!

– Anti-Aging Toner
If aging skin is your concern, this is a great toner to choose. It features AHAs from a citrus base to gently clarify, removing excess oils and dead skin cells. You’ll feel refreshed from the start. Plus, with glycolic acid, it helps cellular renewal for better texture and tone while green tea extract halts free radical damage. Moisturizing panthenol ensures it won’t feel dried out after application.

– Blemish Be Gone Toner
Skin that breaks out often needs more balance. This toner targets excess sebum production. It uses salicylic acid to get deep down in blocked pores, letting skin become vibrant and smooth again. Oily skin can rejoice with this mixture of botanicals and astringent ingredients that clear things up, restore balance, and prevent that dry, tight feeling.

– Illuminating Toner
When skin looks dull, pores are enlarged, and tone is uneven, this Illuminating Toner will tackle all those concerns. It boosts hydration levels and battles dark spots with corrective ingredients that leave it looking unified and velvety-smooth. Correct and prevent with this synergistic formula of fruit acids, daisy flower extract, kojic acid, and azelaic acid, the latter of which stops tyrosinase to prevent dark spots.

– Soothing Toner
Sensitive skin shouldn’t skip toner either. My Soothing Toner is ideal for calming easily irritated skin and reducing visible inflammation. It adds moisture without harsh chemicals, quenching thirsty skin while restoring it to a happy and harmonious appearance. Additionally, skin barrier protection is amplified through vitamin B3 plus a bevy of botanicals to calm and soothe while fighting off free radicals.

– Sulphur & Salicylic Toner
With acne-prone skin, it often looks congested. This powerful astringent uses sulfur to dry out the surface of your skin to get rid of that excess oil and unclog pores. But it doesn’t leave you high and dry. Witch hazel and salicylic acid work to revitalize and purify so the result is controlled oil, rejuvenated skin, and no tightness or discomfort.

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