What to Pack For a Beach Resort Vacation?

You’ve finally booked that long-awaited vacation you’ve spent months looking forward to. You worked hard at your job and now it’s time to unwind and make memories either by yourself or with your loved ones. There is nothing more exciting than exploring a new place and not having the typical adult responsibilities of cooking and cleaning for yourself. This is your time to not have to do anything; instead, you get waited on!

Packing is one of the last tasks you do before you depart and it can get overwhelming trying to anticipate all the possibilities with a limited wardrobe. Will you spill your drink all over your day two outfit? Will you rip your pants on the door of your hotel room? The possibilities are endless and you never know how to combat them beforehand. The best thing you can do is plan your outfits out by laying them out on your bed before you throw them in the suitcase.

You don’t want to overpack but you certainly don’t want to under pack. The easiest way to avoid this is by determining how long your vacation will be, how many days and how many nights will you be away? Once you know that, you can map out your outfits from there. You can bring extra clothes in case of an accidental spilling but more than two spare outfits are overkill!  You also want to leave room for souvenirs in your suitcase! Leave some room for your suitcase to breathe! Aside from that, you don’t want to lug around an extra heavy travel bag all because you packed an excess amount of clothes! Remember, you only have one body and you won’t have time for frequent outfit changes in between all the fun beach activities you will partake in.

But, no matter where you go for your getaway you will always need to bring more than just your clothing for the trip. Between accessories and necessities to travel, you will find yourself making a growing list of things you need.


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Do future you a favor and pack your sunscreen! You do not want to start your vacation burnt. You might not think to bring this with the weather change especially if you’re coming from an area with a cold climate.

In today’s world, you won’t get very far without your cellular phone. We have become so reliant on our phones. It’s our GPS, our source of information, and now it’s our camera, too! Your phone will serve multiple purposes on your trip so you will need that charger to ensure you will have it handy when the time comes.

Women carry large purses when they are on the go from the office to home. We transport so many things that we may need for work or personal stuff like hair ties and our wallets. The good news is you won’t need half of those things when you go on your vacation, so bring a smaller bag, something simple that you can carry the important things like your ID, your phone, and cash if you need to buy something. It’s also more convenient to have a small clutch as opposed to a bulky bag when you are moving around at the resort.

You’re going to the beach after all! You’re going to want some cute bathing suits that you will feel comfortable in. It’s best to bring more than one bathing suit because there is nothing worse than putting on a wet bathing suit and you will also want to have something different on for pictures.

Cover-ups are a great excuse not to put an outfit on. You might want some coverage on your journey from the hotel to the beach so this is a great option. Cover-ups are cute and trouble-free to get off when you arrive at the beach.

The sunscreen will protect your skin but a wide-brimmed beach hat is great to protect your face and keep the sun out of your eyes.  It is also quite the fashion statement. You will look so chic with your cute bathing suit paired with a dramatic beach hat. Another great feature is that the brim is adjustable so if you want to get some sun on your face you can push it away and get a nice tan.

Flip-flops are a beach staple. They are easy to slip on and off when you are out and about. They also make getting sand out of your shoes a breeze. During the workweek we kill our feet walking around in heels and tight boots so take this time to not have to be dressy with your footwear.

The most important thing is for you to have fun on a trip! Packing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Prepare beforehand and you will have a blast on your retreat.

Written by Stephanie E.
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

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