Are Saunas Good For Your Skin

We are all on the hunt for the best form of relaxation in between the craziness we experience in life. Some journal their thoughts, while others draw a bath or take a stroll around their neighborhood when they are tense, but how many people can say they’ve reaped the benefits of using a sauna? Aside from the peaceful aspect of using a sauna, there are numerous additional benefits.

A sauna is a room that can be found in most gyms or spas to promote tranquility to the person using it. It is an experience that allows you to wind down and rest after a chaotic day.

It is typically a room with seats and hot rocks to add more moisture to the dry heat that hits you in the face when you enter. The warmer temperature will cause your heart rate to increase and will also make you break a sweat; it’s a dream workout for those who aren’t fans of the gym because you get all the effects of exercising without movement. It is a breeze compared to doing thirty minutes on the elliptical. It is also beneficial to those with achy muscles and joints because the increased blood flow that comes with using a sauna helps recover the affected area.

The impact a sauna can have on your body is something you should take advantage of when given the opportunity. It can promote healing within your body and also within your mind.

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How To Get The Full Benefits Of A Sauna:
As casual as it sounds, to just sit in a sauna and wait for the positive results to come, there is much more that you can do to accelerate the benefits.

  • Stay Hydrated:
    If you are experiencing dehydration entering a sauna will not cause a good outcome! You need to stay hydrated while enjoying the steam. Bring water in with you to ensure you will have a drink within reach. It can also help with the healing happening within you to cure any traumas. The water will help with any tension and can restore sore muscles. But most importantly, nobody wants to pass out especially in a towel!
  • Meditate:
    Who says you don’t have to do anything when you are in the sauna? Take this time to reconcile your mental wounds. Inhale and exhale, soon you will master the art of breathing exercises to use as a calming force in your life. This is one of the few instances when you will be away from your phone, so take this time to imagine where you see yourself in ten years or imagine the goals you have for yourself and begin your manifestation of everything you desire. Be with your thoughts!
  • Sugar-Free Diet:
    A study showed that within three days of using a sauna a smoker could detoxify all nicotine from their body, which would curb their yearnings for smoking faster; so imagine what it can do with helping you eat a cleaner diet. Sugar and gluten can cause inflammation and bloat in addition to weight gain, so with the assistance of consistent use of the sauna you can finally kick your sugar cravings! With the elimination of sugar, you will notice a difference in your skin and morale in no time.
  • Set a Schedule:
    The most important thing is to continue going to the sauna. You will see results when using a sauna regularly. Inconsistency will cause disappointing consequences. It will prolong any specific injury from healing and won’t allow you to truly practice the soothing nature of the experience. Find time in your weekly routine to go as often as twice a week, if you have the availability to go every day, do it!

Unfortunately, not everyone will have enough hours in a day to go to a sauna and may find it too difficult to find time to calm down after their hectic workdays, but find time for the sauna to gain the benefits of it as much as you can. Maybe take a day or two a week to skip your workout and bask in the sauna instead. Cardio Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays while you do sauna recovery Wednesdays and Fridays will relieve your body soreness in no time. You will feel the difference between being consistent versus being sporadic with your sauna usage and you will prefer the steady constancy.


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Not many people would think Saunas could improve their health. Don’t be surprised when you start to notice clearer skin and a boost of energy when you start this journey of this restorative act. It is so simple and so helpful while also having to do minimal work to acquire the effects.

Written by Stephanie E.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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