How to Get Glass Skin Naturally

Glass skin has become the new standard for beauty. This K-beauty trend emerged in the U.S. in 2017 but originated in Korea long before that. Glass skin is a concept referring to a complexion that is so translucent and pore less that it is almost glass-like. When your skin is associated with this phrase it is at its healthiest, giving the appearance of a dewy face.

“Glass skin is a sort of translucence one sees in a fresh windowpane,” said Janet Coleman, a health and wellness expert from theconsumermag. “Glass skin is highly moisturized skin that almost gives you a glamorous transparent completion with a glow which catches people’s attention towards you,” said the expert.

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This translucent glow is viral among Instagram looks and makeup tutorials among influencers. “Glass skin is desirable because the skin looks glowy and flawless, and it’s a sign of healthy skin. You may not even need makeup, but if you use makeup, it goes on effortlessly,” says Monika Joshi, clean beauty expert and founder of Art of Pure.

We all crave that natural and juicy complexion that has become so popular, but where do you even start in hopes of achieving it? There are natural additions and slight changes to your lifestyle and daily routine that can help you obtain this perfection-like appearance.“ Glass Skin is based on healthy skin, from the inside and out. When you are healthy inside it will show on the skin, and this is the first step in achieving glass skin,” said Joshi.

Healthy habits such as eating right and staying hydrated are the first steps toward glass skin. Eating fiber-based foods helps improve the circulation of blood thus enhancing the physical appearance of skin from the inside. Adequate water consumption is a simple yet significant aspect of your skin treatment. “The best tip to achieve glass skin is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.” Hydration sets the foundation for the skin. This creates the natural base to work from. On average, you should drink eight to nine glasses a day.

Natural remedies such as using the natural gel of Aloe vera, cucumber, banana peel with honey, and washing your face four to five times a day with rice water help achieve this look. Natural skincare treatments do not bring any negative effects to skin and maintain the look of glass skin longer than any cosmetic.

“You need to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible, cleanse frequently, exfoliate from time to time, and use moisturizers and serum/face oil. If you can keep up a routine, you can achieve glass skin no matter your age. It just takes more effort if you have neglected your skin for some time until now,” said Daniel Gray, owner of TalkingTan.

Coleman recommends using a double cleanser and toner daily. Apply a layer of face serum to lock in moisture, shield your skin from the sun, and use the right material of face mask. “Moisturizer helps to fight dry skin and improve the glamour of your face. Face Sheet Masks, if you want all your hard work to be sealed in to give your skin-nourishing treat. And Sunscreen can protect you from harmful UV rays which can affect your body.” Her daily skincare routine consists of applying an oil cleanser first, then a foam cleanser, a toner, face serum, sheet masks, and finally eye cream before she goes to bed.


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Some conditions that may affect the outcome is if you have acne-prone skin resulting in scarring,  dry skin, the skin surface has uneven texture, and oily skin, or large pores. If you are struggling with acne, focus on your roots to know the source of your breakouts. “My skin is getting healthier every day but I used to suffer from some acne and dry patches and it has gotten so much better over the last few years, but I am still working towards glass skin,” said Joshi.

Anyone, regardless of age or skin type can have glass skin if you stay hydrated, moisturize, and customize a proactive skincare routine. Naturally improving the health of your skin from the inside out gives your face the soft touch and nourished feeling of glass skin.

Many try to emulate this even-toned, smooth, and dewy through hundreds of products and tricks when in fact this beauty trend has nothing to do with expensive products and everything to do with the results. With glass skin, there is no filter needed, just you and your naturally beautiful skin. “Whether you have glass skin or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are healthy, and the glass skin will follow,” concluded Joshi.

Written by Lorraine J.
Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti from Pexels