Acne Prone Skin Type Overview

Do you suffer from constant breakouts and that feeling of unbalanced skin?

Acne occurs when your skin’s tiny holes called pores become blocked by too much oil being produced by your follicles or a buildup of bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt. This affects the normal lubrication process of the skin and when this happens repeatedly it results in the development of a pimple or “zit” (we like to call those imperfections). When those imperfections become inflammatory lesions, you may have acne.

There are two types of acne. Noninflammatory acne is characterized by clogged pores that appear as blackheads or whiteheads. It’s the mildest type. Then there is the inflammatory acne where the lesions tend to be red and robust and can range from papules and pustules to the more severe nodules and cysts that tend to be painful.

The Blemish-Free Collection

To treat this condition it is fundamental to upgrade your skincare routine with a combination of products that will help clear your skin in a delicate but effective way. We’ve put together The Blemish-Free Collection with specific products containing sebum regulating ingredients such as biosulfur, tomato fruit extracts, salicylic, lactic and azelaic acid, that will be your best allies in achieving smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Recommended Solutions

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