Aging Skin Type Overview

Do you feel your skin is starting to show some signs of aging, such as deep fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations? Perhaps it is not as firm as back in the day? 

Aging is a normal physical process that happens with time, but factors such as sun exposure, bad eating habits, smoking as well as sugar and alcohol consumption can accelerate its effects.  

Our skin has two fundamental layers. The outer barrier is the epidermis that protects us from environmental aggressions such as bacteria and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The second layer is the dermis which is rich in collagens and other proteins responsible for preserving our skin’s strength and elasticity.

Both layers are exposed to many damaging factors throughout our lives and with time the harm is irreversible. To optimize the appearance of our skin it is essential to select the right combination of products.

The Ultra Radiance Collection

To help you stimulate cell regeneration and rejuvenate your skin we’ve created the Ultra Radiance Collection which includes a cleanser, exfoliant and anti-aging toner all rich in vitamins, botanical extracts and cellular nutrition as well as potent serums to revitalize and regenerate your skin restoring it’s firmness and glow.

Recommended Solutions

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