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Oily & Combination Skin Type

Oily & Combination Skin Type Overview

Does your skin feel or look oily in some areas, especially in the T-Zone, but dry or dull in others, such as the cheeks or chin? 

Oily skin is typically a hereditary trait that is caused by overactive sebaceous glands resulting in a greasy-looking complexion. In our experience with countless patients, we’ve learned that this skin type requires a combination of blemish-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, purifying therapeutic tea tree and lavender as well as sebum regulating components such as sulfur and tomato extracts to combat the bacteria that contribute to blemishes and blocked pores while pH-balancing out the non-oily areas. 

The Balanced Skin Collection

We’ve put together The Balanced Skin Collection, an ideal set containing all of these powerful ingredients to help clear your skin without harshly stripping all the goodness, to reduce the presence of breakouts and to reveal a matte, cleansed and hydrated-looking skin.

Recommended Solutions

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